Bicker Bicker

Simon McCormack
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Bicker Bicker
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Here’s an insightful piece about the infighting that has permeated Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign. A lot of the conflict between advisors and campaign staff is generated by the candidate’s own stubbornness. In a particularly choice passage, authors Adam Nagourney and Jim Rutenberg recount an incident in which John McCain disagreed with his advisors: "While [McCain] avidly seeks advice and contrary opinions, he routinely resists basic political counseling, such as when aides pleaded with him not to campaign sitting on a horseshoe-shaped couch in the back of his bus because they feared it made him look like an old man rumbling around the country in an R.V. He refused." Oh I wish I had been a fly on the wall during that little exchange.

Campaign advisor: "Could you please not ride along on a horseshoe-shaped couch?"

McCain: "There is no wiggle room on this issue."

Campaign advisor: "Could it at least be a normally shaped couch?

McCain: "It’s horseshoe or bust I’m afraid."
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