Biggest Elk Ever Shot!

Simon McCormack
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Biggest Elk Ever Shot!
Jesus Christ!
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My only experience with shooting things came at summer camp more than a decade ago.

All the kids got to shoot BB guns at cans. There were like 60 cans hanging from strings. Every kid, no matter how uncoordinated or blind, was able to hit a can or two. Every kid, that is, except me. The camp councilors didn’t know what the problem was. I tried to convince everyone I was aiming for the strings, and not the cans that were attached to them, but nobody bought it. The truth is, my eyeballs don’t work so good.

That experience bread in me a profound appreciation for hunters who can shoot things that move. When I got an email about an
enormous elk that was killed by hunter Denny Austad, my jaw fell to the floor. The animal broke a world’s record for largest elk ever killed. It looks like it could eat 12 Denny Austads for brunch.
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