Bill Gates Is One Of Us

A Victim Of Windows, That Is

Jerry Cornelius
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Bill Gates is one of us
Everybody loves this ol’ Albuquerque mugshot, so why not trot it out again?
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There’s lots of Bill Gates-ness in the news these days, what with the Third Richest Man in the Universe stepping down from his job doing whatever it is he does over there at Microsoft. But who thought we’d get to see something as juicy as this leaked email detailing Mr. G’s excruciating experience attempting to install Microsoft Moviemaker (and Digital Plus pack) in 2003? Some highlights from this hilarious document:

So they told me that using the download page to download something was not something they anticipated.

So after more than an hour of craziness and making my programs list garbage and being scared and seeing that is a terrible website I haven’t run Moviemaker and I haven’t got the plus package.

The lack of attention to usability represented by these experiences blows my mind.

If I had a nickel for every minute of my precious life wasted by the software road accident that is Windows XP, it’s possible
I would be the Third Richest Man in the Universe instead of Mr. Gates. So it is with a great deal of pleasure that I read that he has been similarly inconvenienced by his own craptastic product. But it kinda makes ya wonder: what the hell was Bill’s job at Microsoft? If he was so dissatisfied with the flagship OS of his enterprise, why was he powerless to make it any better? I fear the truth.

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