Billy C

Or Clint-Dawg, As I Like To Call Him

Marisa Demarco
2 min read
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He came. He’s tall. Patricia Madrid (now “Patsy” forever?) barely came up to his nipples. She’s short.

He speaks with the cadence of a preacher and a fluidity that sounds like he’s often going off-book.

He came to lasso the middle, trying to snag all the elephantes that might look in the mirror these days and see a bit of burro.

In a take on the “you’re a redneck when … “ gag, President Clinton spoke of the ways everyone has to be a Democrat these days, given the extremity of the righteous right in the White House. You know, like: If you’re conservative about the budget, you have to be a Democrat.

He cracked a pretty good joke about the Republicans’ campaign across the nation. They’d have us believe if the Dems are elected, there will be a terrorist on every corner, and when you turn to run away from said terrorist, you’ll trip over an illegal immigrant.

Something to that effect. He’s funny and charming.

The media’s already beat this into the ground, but Madrid is not a fab public speaker—even with prepared remarks.

But, Clinton urged, look into the eyes of your fellow citizens over these next few days, and try to help them get their inner Democrat out.

In other news with the name “Clinton” in it, Hillary is at the top of the list for Democratic presidential candidates, according to a poll, followed closely by Barack Obama.

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