Christie Chisholm
2 min read
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So Bing is live. At least, I think it is. Maybe it has been for a while, but I never hear anyone talking about it. I understand loyalty to Google (I acquiesced to its world dominance long ago), but aren’t people even curious about this new search engine that claims to be able to compete with the Internet giant?

Today I Googled Bing. And so far … not that impressed. It’s pretty, but it basically functions the same way Google does, only it’s not as intuitive. And it claims to be able to do all these fancy things, but said things prove to be less fancy than advertised (e.g., promoting some feature that lets you search for flight prices across sites, but really it just link to the sites). One thing it has on Google is its images engine, which allows you to hover over a picture and click on a link for similar images, prompting it to deliver a more specific subset of photos. That sounds jargon-y, but it’s really cool.

Otherwise, the site looks like a big ad. I have yet to be swayed.

So, Google lovers, what do you think? Is anyone in these parts going to be Binging anytime soon?
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