Blink 182 Is Coming!

Simon McCormack
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Blink 182 is Coming!
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Is it September yet? Travis, Tom and Mark are coming to Journal Pavilion on September 21. Now, I know the band members have written a lot of songs about high school despite being in their 30s. And I know that pop punk is a genre almost exclusively enjoyed by 12 year olds, but shut up. Here are some things you might not know about Blink:

° Travis Barker is actually a very talented drummer.

° By today’s pop punk standards, most of Blink’s early stuff is like grindcore.

° Blink rocks a lot harder live then their albums would suggest

° God, to be 14 again

Fall Out Boy, All American Rejects and Asher Roth open. Tickets are on sale Saturday, May 30, at noon right
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