Blog Dilemma

Sarah Bonneau
1 min read
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Having long been a fan of POSTSECRET, I stumbled across another voyeuristic site called FOUND. I love that the internet connects us in a very real but anonymous way; we have the opportunity to open up with less threat of rejection (at least to our faces), and have a window into others’ lives… at least those who want to share.

My dilemma is this. A site like one of those listed above is built on the creative work of others. Really, each of these sites is a compilation of creativity with no inventory other than computers and the knowledge to use them.The web site operators receive enough material to publish a book, then many books, and now they are on a lecture circuit coming to your town.

Acceptable, or ripe for backlash based on the sheer commercialization of "secrets" or "found" things?
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