Blog Overload Before, The Quietus After

Anne Artley
2 min read
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As with many great ideas, pop culture blog The Quietus started with a group of friends, drinking and bemoaning the state of humanity. According to their self-written history, they believed there was "a massive gap in the market for an online music publication not in thrall to snarky one-upmanship, hype, or an overload of fast-click, low-quality content."

If you agree, you should check out their remedy to the situation:, a blog that covers music, movies, books, TV shows, and comics, but focuses mainly on in-depth music and film reviews. The authors not only dissect the latest releases, but offer up their own cultural analysis in feature articles such as "Federico Fellini: A Profile of the Director as a Pervert" and "Beating Around the Bush: The Dubya Era in Films." And if you’re not quite awake enough to soak in all the allusions and references of a full-length feature, Quietus offers snappy "Best of" lists which are no less clever for their length. These being the first things I read on any pop culture website, I clicked my way through the best John Hughes movies, the best songs of 2009 and the worst substitute father figures in the movies. The Quietus shares the same offbeat, sarcastic style as our very own Alibi —not that anybody’s comparing.
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