Bogus Phone Call Directs Voter To The Wrong Polling Site

Tim McGivern
2 min read
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The land of the free is turning into a parody of itself with each passing election and now seems hell-bent to be a model for every Banana Republic on the planet. The latest election day skullduggery comes from Della Moya, a first time voter, who lives in the Northeast Heights. Moya and her husband both knew they would be voting at the elementary school a block from their home near Carlisle and Montgomery. That's why they smelled a rat last night after receiving three—count'em three!—automated messages reminding them to go to Van Buren Middle School to vote today. The Moyas are both registered Democrats, and Della said when they went to Hodgin Elementary School to vote other folks in line talked about receiving the same bogus phone call. Della also said the call came from outside the area and the caller I.D. did not record a phone number, nor did the caller suggest voting for a particular candidate.

Update: Rebecca Cruz, another registered Democrat, tells a similar story. She votes at Washington Middle School, has done so for years, but last night a man called her and reminded her to vote at Wells Park Community Center. She went to Wells Park today and discovered her name was not listed as a voter in that precinct. She said poll workers told her that she was not the first person to show up after receiving a misdirected phone call last night. Rebecca rejected the idea of filing a provisional ballot and went to Washington Middle School and encountered no obstacles to voting.

The question is: Were these calls coming from sleazy Republicans who deliberately wanted to deceive people out of their right to vote? Or did these calls come from Democrat supporting get-out-the-vote groups that employ out of state workers who use cell phones and don't know what the hell they are talking about sometimes, even if they are well-intentioned. Rebecca Cruz is tracking the phone number for us, and we'll report back soon. …

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