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I’m willing to make a bet. I wager that if you’re reading this, you’re probably the kind of person who also enjoys reading a good book (there are so few of you these days). You may even be the kind of person who wants to share their lust for the written word with the world, or at least the high school down the street. If so, this flyer I just received from Amy Biehl High School (Fourth Street and Gold) was tailor-made for you:

Literature Circles: Connecting Youth and Community through Literature

The Amy Biehl High School Literacy Volunteer Program is looking for adults who love to read, care about youth, and want to read and discuss literature with a small group of teens once a week for an hour. Literature Circles are an integral part of the Humanities curriculum that offers adults and teens an opportunity to share language and story together.

ABHS still needs volunteers for the following literary circle hours:


8:25-9:35 or 2:35-3:35


8:25-9:35 or 12:50-1:4

For more information, you can contact Lisa McCulloch, Director of Advancement, 363-8086, or email:
1 2 3 746