Bosque Adventures, Part 18

Steven Robert Allen
1 min read
On a beach south of Central, I jammed my palm into a burr that looked just like this one.
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The wife and I tooled around the Bosque this weekend with the dogs, as we’ve been doing almost every weekend for the past couple months. My wife likes to pick up trash. My dogs like to roll around in dead things and feces. I like to watch the water flow and skip stones. Afterward, we scored some cheap grub at the new Tingley Beach Cafe.

We found this sign in the middle of the river, face down. It was really heavy. If I’m feeling ambitious, I might go back sometime with some tools to take it apart and drag it out.

Remains of Frito pie—Tingley Beach Cafe is now open for business. The kitchen isn’t completely up and running yet, but they do have Frito pie, hotdogs, pickles and ice cream.

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