Bow Down Before The One You Serve

Simon McCormack
2 min read
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Trent Reznor was on a mission to bang out as many songs as he could in Nine Inch Nails’ hour-and-a-half time slot at Journal Pavilion last night. NIN played "March of the Pigs," "Reptile" and "Piggy" from The Downward Spiral , a few songs from The Fragile and even a b-side from a remix record. NIN touched on nearly all segments of the band’s career, but left the stage without playing "Closer" or "Hurt," arguably the group’s most well known singles.

Reznor was not in the mood for much banter with the crowd, preferring to keep to the occasional "thank you" before launching into another track. He still looks pretty good in a pair of shorts and had plenty of energy for tambourine shaking and full-body heaves. And no NIN concert is complete without plenty of instances where Reznor grabs the mic, puts his foot on the speaker and flashes his well formed biceps.

Most of the crowd was there for NIN, and many concert goers left after Reznor exited the stage.

The sizable crowd that remained for Jane’s Addiction had to feel some alienation when lead singer Perry Farrell proclaimed, "Hello, Santa Fe!" During the encore Farrell apologized to the audience. "Earlier I called you New Mexico—errr not New Mexico," Farrell said. "I forgot what I called you, but some of you liked it and some of you didn’t. Anyway, I know that I love you." We love you too Perry. Get some rest.

Jane’s Addiction’s set made up for Farrell’s faux pax. A super-speed "Been Caught Steeling" came early and the encores of "Stop!" and "Jane Says" filled the hit quota. When a shirtless brute jumped onto the stage Farrell warned, "If you’re gonna be up here get to work," then shoved a microphone in his face. Farrell then asked, "What kind of watch do you have? Oh, it’s theft-proof."
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