“Bromance” Is Now A Word

Sam Adams
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ÒBromanceÓ is now a word
“Slappa da bayss, mon!”
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Sports Illustrated used to run a column called “This Week’s Sign That The Apocalypse Is Upon Us.” Not sure if they still do—haven’t read SI since I was munching down corndogs and drinking Keystone Light on a La-Z-Boy in college. But with a tip of the backwards baseball cap to that heralded column, please welcome one of the newest official words in the English lexicon: “bromance.” Defined as “a close nonsexual friendship between men,” bromance was one of more than 100 terms added today to the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary.

Speaking of bromances, somebody oughtta watch
I Love You, Man starring Jason Segel and Paul Rudd. Great movie. But I still haven’t met anyone who’s seen it. There’s this hilarious scene where … well, you’ve gotta see it, but it involves the worst Jamaican accent since Miss Cleo.

As for “bromance,” if you’re with a buddy who you love but totally don’t wanna get it on with, I think this induction calls for a fist bump. Why? Because “fist bump” also made the Merriam-Webster cut. So did “tweet.” Speaking of which, thanks to @ProducerMatthew for tweeting us this news.
ÒBromanceÓ is now a word

WIcked hahdcore platonic.

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