Burn, Baby, Burn

Miela Kolomaznik
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Burn, Baby, Burn
Fire! (John McColgan)
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Fire season has begun in New Mexico. In light of the fact that the Trigo Fire is only 60 or so miles away from my house, and that Governor Bill Richardson was recently asked this same question, I thought it was high time to update The List .

The List consists of the material objects you would want to save if your house were in danger and you had to evacuate.

So, after all the people and pets were safe, I’d go back in for this stuff:

1. My diamond earrings and a few of my favorite pieces of jewelry.

2. My scrapbook I’ve been working on for four years.

3. My laptop and extra hard drive.

4. My guitar.

5. My journal.

Also, if you are paranoid like I am,
this is a good site to check out.
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