Bust A Move

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Can we shift away from a social dance that is all bump and grind to one that’s actually social again? And not just because I don’t want strangers rubbing up against me in a sexual manner when I’m trying to rock out to David Bowie’s "Queen Bitch." There’s very low skill level required in the social dancing of today—it’s flat out unimpressive. My competitive side dreams of witnessing dance-offs that resemble something out of a Busby Berkeley musical.

The phrase "social dance" conjures up images from Jane Austen, debutant balls, any scene of primness and rigid social etiquette. But popular social dance from the 20
th century showed having moves didn’t mean you had to be boring and snotty. I mean, check out these videos: In the ‘20s the hip kids were doing the Charleston. That evolved into busting moves in the form of the lindy hop in the ‘30s. Lindy hop grew into the swing dancing of the ‘40s and ‘50s.

Maybe I’m merely nostalgic for times I never lived in, but those are some sweet moves. Until the tides of social dance shift back to skill, bring out your inner flapper or bathtub gin-maker and
learn the Charleston.
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