Calling All Juggernauts

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Hailing from upstate New York, Coheed and Cambria have been bringing variety to the prog/metal scene since the mid-nineties. They gained wide and well-deserved exposure after opening for Iron Maiden during their recent North American tour; an opportunity given to only the most talented and promising musicians in the rock/metal genre.

Claudio Sanchez, Coheed’s mop-headed front man and lead guitarist, seamlessly blends elements of pop and punk into their primarily prog rock sound. The result: compositions complex and technical, but not so much that they alienate the listener. Vocal harmonizing and other pop elements add a catchy, anthemic quality to the music without diluting the intensity of their massive metal force. All six studio albums are concept albums based on a series of sci-fi comics written by Sanchez, but don’t let this deter you. These boys are not mere D&D nerds. They are seasoned musicians with a knack for infectious hooks and clever lyrics. Even fans that aren’t crazy about their studio albums will tell you that a live Coheed show is unparalleled. Like many bands that come through the Duke, Coheed sells out stadiums in bigger cities and headlines international festivals, but we are fortunate to have them right here on our very own Sunshine stage Wednesday night.

If you are a rocker and you’re not pumped for this show, then you need to think about trading your car in for a station wagon, buying some loafers and shopping for life insurance. A night with Coheed and Cambria will alleviate your depression. It will cathartically mend your broken heart. It will breathe energy into the weak, tired parts of your life, juggernaut. The crowd will not be your usual metal pickle party. Get your ass off the couch, put on your tight pants, and come out to meet your destiny.

Coheed and Cambria will be blessing the Sunshine Stage Wednesday night supported by Between the Buried and Me, and Russian Circles.

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