Camping Food

Nick Brown
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Camping Food
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Earlier in the summer, I asked Alibi blog readers for their advice about camping food. Well, I have my own favorite recipe, now.

Combine one can of Van Camp’s Pork ‘n’ Beans, one can Hormel Chili, one can Dinty Moore Stew and one can SpaghettiOs in one of those big, blue-enameled pots, then set it in the coals of your struggling campfire so that one side boils while the other stays cold. Stir it with a stick. Bellisimo!

On the other hand, do you know that recipe where you break a couple eggs in a ziplock bag with some cheese and whatever then boil it to make breakfast burritos? It’s pretty gross when the water gets in the bag. Glug. I sure would have preferred another batch of slop like the night before.

Beyond that, it should also be noted that an egg is edible
in every stage of development . Or so I have read in the army survival manual I keep in my bathroom.
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