Canada, Ho!

Jessica Cassyle Carr
1 min read
You haven’t lived until you’ve heard a sausage yodel.
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I’ve just returned from my fourth trip to Canada this year, and have come to the conclusion that it is the best country on Earth. Take this cleverly named sausage stand as evidence: It’s just one of many international foods you can enjoy in Calgary, a city of only one million, yet teeming with the foods of Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, Spain, Morocco, Ethiopia, India, etcetera, and the immigrants who make them.

Furthermore, during my most recent stay, the country was in the midst of an extended observation leading up to “Remembrance Day.” It’s like Veterans Day, except most Canadians actually give a shit, with much of the population donning red poppy pins, a symbol derived from a WWI poem, weeks before the holiday. Plus, Parliament is conducted in both French and English, officials being required to be bilingual. And their citizens have an affordable health care system. I could go on …

Here are some other reasons to fear Canada.
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