Candy Time!

Amy Dalness
2 min read
Just looking at it makes me sick.
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Halloween is here! Have you stocked up on the sugar snacks to feed the happy trick-or-treaters coming to your door? I haven’t … maybe I should get on that.

My office mate (news editor Christie Chisholm) said she was watching the news last night and saw a segment on keeping kids safe from Halloween "tricks" in their candy. Is this more fear mongering or a real threat? According to these articles from (urban legend investigator), parents of trick-or-treaters shouldn’t worry about poisoning, but pins and needles have been found in Halloween candy before. Perhaps the most interesting thing about these articles is the history behind the fear and the people who’ve tried to use it as a coverup for a more sinister motive. The reality is some people are just assholes, and they are 365 days a year–it’s unavoidable. Kids are in more danger of sickness due to overdose on candy than anything else, but removal of "suspicious" candy from a trick-or-treater’s stash isn’t a bad idea.

My mom confessed to me sometime in my teens that she used to take "suspicious" candy from me because she wanted to eat it herself. Maybe this is all just a conspiracy by parents to get all the Reese’s cups.
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