Carnival Rides At Coronado Mall

Nick Brown
2 min read
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They were setting up rides in the Coronado Mall parking lot last night to get them up and spinning by Thursday. I don’t know whose rides they are, why they’re setting them up, how much rides will cost or why the hell nobody told me about it before hand. They had a couple big tall things, a couple spinny around things and several dudes in satin baseball jackets standing around smoking. I seem to remember a similar surprise carnival on Civic Plaza about a year ago: no advertising, no notice, just a bunch of rides popping up over night.

Speaking of rides, I figured out the secret of going to Uncle Cliff’s last weekend: don’t get the unlimited ride pass. It only costs $2.50 to get into the park then $2 per ride after that. The unlimited ride pass is $23.95, so you wouldn’t really be breaking even until your 11th ride. Believe me, in five or six rides you’ll be ready to go home after a long day at the amusement park. In fact, if it weren’t such a big commitment to go there, you might go more often. For under $10 and about two hours you could pop into Uncle Cliff’s, ride three or four rides and leave. That actually sounds almost fun.
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