Cat Power

Jessica Cassyle Carr
1 min read
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My friend Juliette just sent me a package with three Cat Power albums inside of it. I’ve recently become obsessed with the woman’s music. I had some mix tapes with Cat Power songs several years ago, as well as an album that I gave away, but strangely never grasped the full scope of her greatness which I think can be mainly attributed to her slightly raspy voice and minimal, folksy compositions delivered with maximum, yet non-irritating emotion.

Cat Power released an album this year entitled
The Greatest (it’s not greatest hits). You can watch a video from a song on that album on the Matador Records website. Making this video more interesting, it is directed by Harmony Korine who wrote the disturbing Kids and directed the disturbing Gummo , as well as Dogma 95 classic, “Julien Donkey-boy.”
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