Celeb-Reality With People I've Heard Of

Celeb-Reality With People I've Heard Of

Simon McCormack
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Celeb-Reality with People I've Heard of
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I’ve watched enough VH1 shows to know when "celebrity" is being used very loosely. A crazy woman from " The Apprentice ?" "Mini Me?" The guy who I think is married to Pink? These are all no-names, with no business on TV.

So it is with great (perhaps misplaced) joy that I present the star-studded cast of this season’s "Dancing with the Stars:"

Jewel, Lil’ Kim, Denise Richards, Steve-O, David Alan Grier, Ty Murray, Steve Wozniak, Belinda Carlisle, Gilles Marini, Nancy O’Dell and a few others who are just on there because they’re good dancers.

Now, I’ve never heard of Nancy O’Dell, Belinda Carlisle or Gilles Marini, but the others were (or are) legitimate celebrities. I hope they make Steve-O drink urine to stave off elimination.

"Dancing with the Stars" begins Sunday, March 9 on ABC.
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