Charming Canines Iso Loving Homes

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Now and Then, Albuquerque’s Thrift Store for Homeless Animals, is on a mission. Their mission is to place homeless animals with loving adoptive families, to facilitate more communication in Albuquerque about the specter of animal homelessness, to help create another low-cost spay/neuter program in Albuquerque, and to help advertise animals in need of loving homes to the community via fashion shows. These fashion shows will feature Now and Then’s couture, but the animals accompanying the models will undoubtedly steal the catwalk’s limelight. The good folks at Now & Then recently rescued two fabulous pooches and said pooches are actively seeking adoptive families. Chaci Redondo, owner/coordinator of Now & Then, sent me these descriptions of the canines.

Baxter: male, approximately 3-4 years old, not fixed, full-blooded, black-tongued Chow, weighting approximately 50-60 lbs. He is not house-trained, still marking territory since he’s not yet been fixed. He is the most gentle, best-tempered, slow-moving, non-biting chow that I’ve ever seen.

Lily: female, Healer/Corgi mix, approximately 40 lbs., approximately 1-2 years old, just recently fixed. She still had the surgeon’s pen marks on her belly when we found her. She appears to be house-trained, but not for long periods of time (past 6 hours). She is active, needs love and attention, is completely sweet and non-violent. She would be a great dog for families with children.

There is no adoption fee for the animals, but Baxter must be fixed before being placed with an adoptive family. If you or someone you know is interested in adopting, please call Now & Then at 247-2855. In addition to offering new and vintage clothing and accessories, rare records and affordable art, Now & Then also boasts an on-site seamstress for alterations and custom clothing, spa treatments, manicure/pedicure services, and waxing services. Best of all, a portion of all of Now and Then’s proceeds benefit homeless pet charities and battered women’s shelters. Here’s your chance to feel good about indulging in some affordable luxury. Patronize Now and Then! Now and Then is located at 1710 Central (@ University) and is open daily from 12pm-7pm.

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