Marisa Demarco
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This is me, Mopinator, a level one bard.
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So the members of my household kicked off the morning with a lousy row about chores. We hate ‘em. I’m not much of a housewife. Neither is my husband. My mother’s probably a little ashamed of me. I was trained well in the ways of domestic cleanliness. I know how to do the dishes. I know how to clean a toilet. I know how to mop. I just hate it.

Anyway, my husband ended the fight by e-mailing me this new game called ChoreWars. It’s built on the MMO model. You make a character, name it, and then go on “adventures,” which are chores a member of your team created.

You score XP for doing a chore. You can find gold and make virtual monsters. When setting up an adventure, you can establish the kinds of character traits it requires: strength (for moving furniture), constitution (for cleaning up dog doo), charisma (for making phone calls to bill collectors).

Telling this to you, I’m feeling like kind of a sucker. But as an avid World of Warcraft player, I’ll do anything for XP. And it’s pretty funny.

Penny Arcade did a good strip about it.

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