City Of Thrift

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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City of Thrift
Bargain Box, located on Lomas and San Mateo. Hot Tip: The Assistance League ladies will be opening a special X-mas thrift store on November 6.
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I’ve yet to come across a vintage Chanel bag, insanely cheap mid-century modern Danish furniture or a Picasso at an Albuquerque thrift store, but without a doubt, like most towns, ours contains untold treasures waiting to be found. Today while shopping at Bargain Box I was given a flyer for It’s a national guide to charity-driven thrift stores, owned and operated by a couple of fanatic thrifters. The above link takes you to the Albuquerque page, but I can see the site being useful for out-of-town trips too. Now, with that—if you see it—the Garfield phone is mine.
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