Coco-T In Alt

Devin D. O'Leary
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Coco-T in ALT
“Hi, my name is Coco. I’ll be trying out for the role of Cosette today.”
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Obviously we’re not as pop culturally savvy as we like to think we are over here at Alibi , because we were all shocked— shocked , I tells ya—while watching the “E! True Hollywood Story” of Ice-T and Coco this past Sunday. According to the documentary, rabid ass-Twitterer Coco actually cut her theatrical chops working at the Albuquerque Little Theatre as a child. We shudder to think what Coco (née Nicole Austin) might have done during some long-lost 1989 performance of Annie . (“Funny, I don’t remember so much booty clapping in ‘Hard Knock Life’.”) But it’s right there in her Wikipedia bio: Although she was born in Beverly Hills, “the family moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, when she was 10. She grew up as a tomboy, riding quads and playing football. Austin began dancing (jazz, tap and ballet) at the age of six, and was introduced to the stage early by her mother. She was involved in many productions at the Albuquerque Little Theatre.” Weird. Anybody remember seeing her? Photographic proof would be awesome.
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