Comcast Scam Alert

... In Addition To Being A Scam In General.

Laura Marrich
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Comcast Scam Alert
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Scam alert from the Office of the Attorney General Gary K. King:

Friday, January 30, 2009

New Mexico Attorney General Gary King’s Consumer Protection Division has been made aware of a scam finding its way into consumers’ email inboxes. The message appears to be from Comcast, however the NMAGO has confirmed it is fraudulent.

Consumers should be suspicious if they receive any variation of this email. Do not respond or provide personal information and delete immediately.

Below is an example of the bogus email.

From: "Comcast"<>

Date: January 26, 2009 6:13:07 AM MST

Subject: Customer Satisfaction Survey

Dear Comcast customer,

You have been selected to participate at a nationwide survey.

The information collected will be used to improve and expand our services.

For the completion of this survey, we will credit your account with $60.00.

To take part, please click here

Consumers who have fallen prey to this scam should contact their credit card company to prevent further fraudulent charges. Consumers can also visit the
Comcast Web site for more information.
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