Common Hearts Albuquerque

Who Needs A Hype Man When You Have Screaming Fans?

Simon McCormack
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Common Hearts Albuquerque
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Common burst on stage at the Sunshine Theater last night and received a raucous ovation from a packed house. The Chicago-born MC was accompanied by a keyboard player and a DJ, and repeatedly professed his love for Albuquerque. One of his fans gave Common a rose as a token of their admiration. He performed a few tracks from his latest Album Universal Mind Control , but the crowd favorites came from 2005’s Be . On a couple of occasions, Common freestyled a cappella, dropping rhymes about the Duke City. He gave shout-outs to the Artichoke Café, Central Ave. (it’s a great ave.!) and the Frontier. In other Common-related news, when the musician/actor was filming Terminator Salvation in Albuquerque, sources say he frequently visited The Grove. Reportedly, he was polite and amiable.
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