Marisa Demarco
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So someone in our office just pointed me to Conservapedia “The Trustworthy Encyclopedia.”

You may already be up on this. I’d never heard of it. The site went live in November and it claims to be without bias. Although one can’t help but notice things like the daily Bible quote and the fact that femininity is defined as being “childlike, gentle, pretty willowy, submissive.

Environmentalists “are people who claim to be concerned about protecting the environment and believe that legal limitations should be put on human use of the Earth’s natural environment and resource”

It gets better. Read the L.A. Times story here.

According to the page on how Conservapedia differs from Wikipedia, “ We are an educational resource, including lectures and study guides.”

It’s awesome, almost like a parody of itself. I bet even lots of Conservatives have beef with this site.

Fun though. Poke around. Maybe add an entry.
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