Cordova Family On The Death Penalty

Marisa Demarco
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Cordova family on the death penalty
Tera Cordova Chavez
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Levi Chavez, a former Albuquerque Police Department officer, has been accused of killing his wife, Tera Cordova Chavez. In April, the Alibi spoke with her family about her life.

The death penalty was repealed in 2009 by Gov. Bill Richardson. But since Tera died in 2007, capital punishment was still on the table in the prosecution’s case against Levi. Yesterday, the District Attorney’s Office announced it will not seek the death penalty.

The Cordovas issued a statement:

“As a family, we do not oppose the death penalty in general, but in this case it does not make sense.”

Because of their grandchildren (Levi and Tera had two kids together), they oppose it.

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