Corrales Vigil Tonight

Christie Chisholm
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Corrales Vigil Tonight
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We got this press release too late to put anything in the calendars, but there’s going to be a candlelight vigil in Corrales tonight to honor Stephen Mercer, New Mexico State Senator Joe Mercer and Sheriff’s Lieutenant Bill Sibrava. The release gives the details:

"Sibrava and Mercer were killed in a shoot out by Stephen Mercer (Joe Mercer’s son) when sheriff’s deputies attempted to serve papers on the younger Mercer to take him in for a psychiatric evaluation. There had been two standoffs with Mercer and the police in the weeks prior to the tragedy."

That was 14 years ago, but the vigil will act as a remembrance to them and others who have died in New Mexico as a result of untreated severe mental illness. If you want to attend, people are meeting at dusk (about 8 p.m.) at La Entrada Park (Corrales Road and La Entrada, north of the library). For additional information, call 629-2256.
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