Crack O’ Dawn

Steven Robert Allen
1 min read
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The good news (for me, at least)? This Sunday, I’m going to once again do my talking head routine on the local current affairs program “Eye on New Mexico.” The bad news (for my parents, at least, who are visiting from out of town)? The station bumped the show for some kind of poker championship, so instead of running at 10 a.m. after “Meet the Press,” it’ll be at 6:30 a.m. (sic) after some kind of infomercial health show. Yikes! Thankfully, the thing is already taped, so I don’t have to be up that early. For those three people who are up then, the program will air on KOB Channel 4. Righty blogger Mario Burgos is also a guest. We spend a considerable amount of time arguing about Iraq, so I suggested changing the show’s name to “Eye on Iraq.” My advice will almost certainly be disregarded.
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