Cryptid Alert: Loren Coleman Is Skeptical About Ben Radford’s Chupacabra(S) Theory

Nick Brown
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Cryptid Alert: Loren Coleman Is Skeptical about Ben RadfordÕs Chupacabra(s) Theory
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Internationally renowned cryptozoologist Loren “Come to My Cryptozoology Museum” Coleman has weighed in on Alibi columnist Ben Radford’s theory that the chupacabras is actually Natasha Henstridge. Though he congratulates Ben on his ingenious explanation of the chupacabras phenomenon, Coleman plays the skeptic this time. It’s backwards day!

Coleman and Radford are actually on friendly terms; Ben spoke highly of him at our company Christmas party a couple years ago. Nevertheless,
Loren bashed Ben for taking a hike a few months ago. Oh, well. I took a poke at Coleman once with hilarious results.
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