Cryptid Alert! More On The Recent Yeti Footprints

Plus, The Bfro Moves On To California

Nick Brown
1 min read
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My favorite thing about this clip is how they make it sound like “Now we know the Yeti definitely exists!” And, of course, we don’t, but it’s fun to get carried away in the groundless enthusiasm.

Matt Moneymaker and the BFRO are in California now. There’s sort of a funny bit in the article where Moneymaker is howling to the yetis from a hilltop and hears a knocking response in the distance… Then on the radios:

“Did you make that knocking noise?”

“Yes. Did you hear that howling noise?”

“Yes. That was me, dammit.”

There’s still absolutely no word on whether or not the BFRO found a yeti in New Mexico when they were here last August. I guess we can assume they didn’t find one or we would have heard about it.
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