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Defend Your Castle On Wii

Amy Dalness
1 min read
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The cult-classic webgame Defend Your Castle made its big screen debut last Monday on Wii. It’s interesting to see a casual webgame reworked for the Wii and I bet we’ll be seeing more of this sort of thing from other web developers. I don’t have a Wii, but if I did I imagine my review of the game would go something like this:

Defend You Castle, a popular online game where you violently destroy stick figures assaulting your stone abode, has gone cute. XGen Studios redeveloped the game to fit the Wii platform and took out a bit of the blood in the mean time. Defend Your Castle still remains true to its carpal tunnel syndrome-inducing game play, but now with multiplayer wrist-contorting action. Can you survive the stick-figure onslaught?
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