Cyber Artspace

Amy Dalness
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Beautiful by Madelon Lusk, digital image, 2006
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The World Wide Web has helped us in so many ways. We can keep in contact quicker. We can buy stuff easier. We have instant access to oodles and oodles of knowledge in online encyclopedias and books. It’s both the blessing and the curse of the technology age—and boy, is it awesome!

For art lovers with a desire to be connected, check out Albuquerque’s own cyber gallery. Contemporary Albuquerque is an art gallery on the web. Not a web site for a gallery, it
is the gallery. Madelon Lusk’s digital art work is currently the feature exhibit titled Daydream , but you can still view the works of previous artists such as David Polka, Bret Aaker and Gronk (to name a few). Another beauty of a cyber gallery—you’ll never miss a show.

Madelon Lusk’s work will be featured until June 30. What’s next for the gallery of the future? Infinity.
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