Daily Monster's Back!

(Sort Of)

Hayley Shoemaker
2 min read
The last of the monsters.
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Personally, Feb. 25, 2007, was a sad day for my morning routine. This date marked Stefan G. Bucher’s last Daily Monster. For 100 straight days, Bucher provided an avid fan group with a video documenting the creation of an original, oh-so-awesome monster. There was nothing better than starting off each day with a healthy dose of scratchy sharpie sounds, air-blown paint streaks and—the part that everyone was really waiting for—a lively animation. Whether it was dancing, glaring or just acting sketchy, each monster was a feel-good treat, making it easy to get the morning going.

But since the arrival of the 100
th monster, my mornings have been nearly devoid of meaning. I tried to recreate that lost meaning with other daily sites—Rocketboom, Drawn!, LiveJournal, etc.—but it just wasn’t the same.

Recently, in an attempt to reminisce, I visited Bucher’s site for old time’s sake. And what did I find? Something almost unbelievable: Daily Monster is back as Weekly Monster! Not quite the same, but it’ll do.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out DM, do not fret! All of the monsters are still on the site and, just as before, viewers can still post their own and made-up stories inspired by each one.
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