Daily Word 2.17.11: Trader Joe’s Hates Farm Workers, Global Protest Fever, Phil Collins Day Parade

Laura Marrich
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Voter ID proposal (outlined in this week’s Roundhouse Roundup along with some other funky bills) fails in the state Legislature.

APD union is holding a
“no-confidence” vote today in honor of Public Safety Director Darren White.

From Wired Science: There’s a
giant solar blast headed for Earth. Also, watch a carnivorous plant in action.

Peaceful protests in Bahrain crushed by
modern, moderate government’s violence.

Thousands protest the Republican-controlled Wisconsin Legislature, which is poised to pass a union-killing bill.

BP says Gulf oil spill settlements are
too generous.

Weird food:
Snack-cake sliders

Photo essay: AP photographer documents
New Delhi coal scavengers.

From my sister:
These porcelain dolls are amazing, creepy and expensive. (NSFW…UYWATWA)

No one cares that
Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are divorcing.

Islanders prepare to
abandon their sinking country.

Of course Brooklyn had a
Phil Collins Day Parade.

Hair and makeup looks from
New York Fashion Week, so far.

Ubiquitous “caramel color” in sodas will
give you cancer and mess with your genitals.

The secret to Trader Joe’s cheapness? The company
doesn’t care about farm workers.
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