Damn You, Heinrich!

Simon McCormack
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Damn You, Heinrich!
Heinrich makes his statement
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The Alibi got a call from one of Martin Heinrich’s people this morning.

Heinrich, who’s running for Congress in District 1, was holding a press conference outside of opponent Darren White’s campaign office. That’s all fine and dandy, but it wasn’t enough to convince me to get out of my chair. After all, candidates hold press conferences all the time. They essentially serve as a platform to say the same things they’ve been saying since they began campaigning.

What piqued my interest was what Heinrich’s associate wouldn’t tell us. She refused to say what the press conference was about, but she promised, "sparks will fly."

What could possibly be happening at the press conference? Is Sen. Barack Obama going to appear via chopper and parachute onto Darren White’s face? Is Heinrich gonna hand out condoms filled with cocaine as a way of announcing his staunch opposition to both abstinence-only sex education and the war on drugs?

My journalistic curiosity got the best of me, and I drove to White’s campaign office, which is conveniently located 33,000 miles from the
Alibi headquarters. I arrived to find a small group of reporters, including two news cameras and a handful of White supporters. Heinrich made a brief statement about how he thinks White should give back taxpayers’ money he spent to bring President Bush to New Mexico for a fundraiser. He took two questions and disappeared, leaving the White supporters scratching their heads.

But at least the White-backers didn’t have to drive half an hour round trip to see what was entirely a media stunt. Heinrich’s campaign already made its thoughts on the Bush visit clear in a press release earlier this month. There was no new news or flying sparks—just a group of media members whose time was wasted.

So, while I’d like to give kudos to Heinrich’s people for getting me to go to his stupid conference, most of the credit should go to my idiocy and misplaced curiosity. You win this round Heinrich campaign, but the next time you want me to come to an event, you’d better tell me exactly what the hell is going to happen.
Damn You, Heinrich!


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