Dan Savage Says The City Harassed Pornotopia Out Of Existence

Marisa Demarco
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Dan Savage says the city harassed Pornotopia out of existence
Dan Savage
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Internationally syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage opened his free weekly podcast today with a discussion of Burque.

Albuquerque’s city administration moved behind the scenes to shut down Pornotopia, he said. Savage called that harassment and censorship.

We covered the
fest’s closure as it unfolded. We wrote about Pornotopia again when the city put the screws to the protest event planned in its place.

The city administration is protecting people from “a communal experience of porn,” Savage said, adding that there’s something kind of beautiful about that experience. “If you want to keep porn out of Albuquerque, you need to rip the internet out of Albuquerque,” he said. “Everything is a porn delivery system now that we rely on to take part in our modern world.”

Savage encouraged his many fans across the country begin sending letters to Mayor Richard Berry and directed them to the
online letter submission form. He also suggested Pornotopia’s purveyors sue the city for a fat payout that could “endow” Pornotopia for many years.
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