David Bazan At The Launchpad: Will It Be The Best Concert You’ve Ever Seen?

Nick Brown
2 min read
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Ask me the best concerts I’ve ever seen. I’ll rattle off a few bands and right at the top will be Pedro the Lion at the Launchpad. Different people want different things from a rock show, but for me the secret formula is this: great songs, inspired delivery and no bullshit. Pedro the Lion delivered exactly that, plus the biggest sound I’ve ever heard from a three-piece band.

Now, frontman
David Bazan is on tour and playing at the Launchpad (tonight!) October 12, 2010. David, in former years, was a devout Christian whose beliefs only mildly if ever presented themselves in his lyrics. On his newest CD, Curse Your Branches , there’s nothing subtle about the scathing indictment of his former faith.

“You’ve heard the story, you know how it goes / Once upon a garden, we were lovers with no clothes.”

The new material is powerful and, as you can see from this clip, the band is up to the challenge. Will David Bazan at the Launchpad be one of the best concerts you’ll ever see? I wouldn’t be surprised.

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