Dead Mayor’s Face Looks Like Tree Trunk

Nick Brown
1 min read
Which side is crustier? Which side is flakier?
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Donald Stephens, a former mayor of Rosemont, Illinois, passed away two months ago. Now a supernatural image of his face has popped up on a tree by the health club. I think you’ll agree that the likeness is quite startling. From the photo it’s difficult to tell which side is a face and which is a crusty old tree trunk.

Naturally, some people think it looks like Jesus, but that’s silly. Jesus looks way more like James Brolin than a tree trunk or a tortilla. I think when they start seeing dog turds that look like Jesus, He’ll put His foot down and tell them to knock it off. “Stop seeing my face in things,” He’ll say. And we won’t be able to stop because we’re wired to see faces in everything.
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