Debbie O’malley Throws Her Hat In The Mayoral Ring

Christie Chisholm
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Debbie OÕMalley Throws Her Hat in the Mayoral Ring
O’Malley’s second from the right. This was taken for our 2007 Election Guide. (Tina Larkin)
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She won’t make the official announcement until Sunday, but City Councilor Debbie O’Malley (D2) is jumping into the race for Albuquerque’s mayor. She joins City Councilor Michael Cadigan (D5) and Richard Romero (former NM Senate president pro tem who ran against Rep. Heather Wilson in 2004), who are the only others to join the fray to date.

Here’s our most recent re-election endorsement for

And our most recent re-election endorsement for

And our endorsement for
Romero in the ’04 Congressional race.

Things are looking up this year.
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