Dendahl For Governor?

Steven Robert Allen
1 min read
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A little more life just got injected into an already lively election year. The sharp-tongued longtime New Mexican political activist John Dendahl is taking over the Republican race for governor. This should be a hoot. I was sitting at home last Friday evening watching my comradita Alibi Managing Editor Christie Chisholm who was a guest on the local current events show “The Line” on KNME Channel 5. Christie, as usual, was smart as a whip. Dendahl, who’s a regular on the show, was, well … entertaining. He’s always entertaining. I especially loved the moment when he advised viewers who wanted to learn more about global warming to read Michael Crichton’s State of Fear instead of paying attention to scientific studies, which, in Dendahl’s opinion, are all part of a vast liberal conspiracy to deceive the public into believing that humans may have some responsibility for climate change. It would have been nice if Dendahl had pointed out that Crichton’s book is a novel, but I guess Republicans these days no longer feel the need to draw irrelevant distinctions between fact and fiction. Regardless, the gubernatorial race just got interesting.
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