Denish: “Wtf?!?”

Marisa Demarco
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Denish: ÒWTF?!?Ó
From an Alibi feature in February 2008. (Tina Larkin)
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That’s not a direct quote. I don’t know if the lieutenant governor utters anything so profane. But if I were Denish yesterday when Gov. Richardson made his announcement that he was bailing on the commerce secretary job and would instead cling to New Mexico in a post I was planning to take over in the next few weeks …

There just aren’t enough expletives.

Legislator and
Alibi columnist Jerry Ortiz y Pino rolled his eyes at the possibility of Richardson hanging on like a bad head cold in his column this week. As he writes of the woman who was slated to be the first female New Mexico governor, “She’s been an intensely loyal warrior through the past six years, grinning and bearing it when someone of lesser character might have blown up at the governor or those who serve him.”

Sure enough, Denish’s quote in the
Journal today is supportive with a hint of polite “get the hell out of here.” She says, “[niceties] … the president-elect said he looks forward to Gov. Richardson joining his administration in the days ahead.”

I can’t help but think if 2010 sees a race between former
Rep. Heather Wilson and Denish for governor, it would add muscle to Denish’s campaign if she’d spent some time in the position.

How do you feel when these words come together in your head: “governor” and “Wilson”?
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