Dick Cheney Shot Someone? Big Deal!

Steven Robert Allen
2 min read
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While I drove out to an appointment in Rio Rancho this morning, I partook in the sweet pleasure of rabid right-wing radio. Rush Limbaugh on 770 KKOB and Glenn Beck on 106.3 FM were both ranting about the exact same thing. According to the idiot twins, the vast liberal media conspiracy has revealed the truth depth of its evil by focusing so much time on the whole Dick-Cheney-shoots-his-hunting-buddy-in-the-face fiasco.

What world do these clowns live in? They were both absolutely outraged that the media is spending so much time on this “non-story.” Dudes, Dick Cheney is probably the most powerful person on earth. If he accidentally shoots someone in the face, odds are it's going to get a bit of attention.

Even I'm not naïve enough to think the press could've ignored the Monica Lewinsky scandal. I don't think Clinton should've been impeached for it. But, he was the president. People were bound to be curious.

Same with Cheney plugging his friend full of birdshot. People are going to be curious. Did he really only have one beer six hours before the incident? Did he take a breathalyzer test afterward? Or did his friend Rush Limbaugh supply him with some pills that distorted his sense of judgment? Hey, inquiring minds want to know.

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