Did Ya Vote?

Amy Dalness
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Did Ya Vote?
(Amy Dalness)
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I’ve been asked that question at three separate locations today—maybe more. Upon entering Santa Fe this morning to act as the Alibi’s Santa Fe elections correspondent, I realized the batteries in my voice recorder had died. Just one of many electronic difficulties I’ve encountered today.

With only a short 20 minutes to get across town for the
Udall photo-op, I dropped in a Walgreens to get some AAA-batteries and a few Sharpies (you’ll see why in another blog post later today).

“Have you voted?” a chipper lady asked as I bee-lined for the entryway.

“Of course,” I replied without pause, continuing into the store.

After successfully purchasing said needed goods, I walked out and stopped to ask the get-out-the-vote greeters a few questions. Bunny Lichtenstein and her husband, Paul, have never been so active in a campaign, she said. “We’ve been canvassing every Saturday for weeks.” Today, they and many other Sen. Barack Obama supporters would be around Santa Fe reminding people to vote, offering rides to polling places and giving out precinct information.

I asked if she’d give a ride to a McCain supporter and she said, “No,” with a laugh. “I don’t know what we do about a McCain voter,” she said. It was clear she never thought about the prospect of taking anyone but an Obama supporter to the polls. It just never crossed her mind.

Just then, a man with a “Proud to Vote” sticker and an American flag lapel pin walked out of Walgreens. “Have you voted?” Mr. Lichtenstein asked the man.

“Yup, but not for that guy,” the man replied as he pointed to a sticker on Bunny’s jacket.

“Well, just as long as you voted,” Bunny said, trying to cut the awkward tension.

“Oh, give it up,” the man said and continued to his car.

“What did that mean?” Bunny asked me. “Am I just naive, cause I don’t know what he means.”

I shrugged. “I don’t know, ma’am, I said, unsure what to tell her. “Good luck today and keep the energy up.” I waved and walked away.
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