Divide And Conquer

Erin McCullough
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Divide and Conquer
Republicans have little time for windswept moors.
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Though Albuquerque’s mayoral race is non-partisan in theory, nobody’s fooled. Martin Chavez and Richard Romero are Democrats, while R.J Berry seems to have been manufactured in some sort of Republican factory that used no publicly financed roads to get there and where no workers or owners benefitted from things like public school or fire departments (he hates taxes, see?).

It was supposed to be Chavez all the way, maybe with some bruising delivered from Romero. But as these two are dividing the progressive and moderate vote, along comes Berry to snap up the conservatives who once went for Chavez. Will Albuquerque, for all of its true-blueness, get a Republican mayor just because the Dems split the vote? Will that lead to cries for a primary system for mayoral elections? Will I save about $25 a year in taxes only to find that the library is only stocking book covers and handwritten summations of books because we cut funding to everythimg?

(Possible example:
Wuthering Heights , by Emily Brontë. I am a gypsy, maybe. You are a girl. I love you. I love you, no I don’t. Heathcliff!! Are we dead? Hey kids, don’t love each other. I hate love. Catherine!! Do I die? I don’t remember the ending.)

The horror.
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