Do, Date Or Dump Monday

Marisa Demarco
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Do, Date or Dump Monday
Snappy tie. Comes across stern in press conferences. Often angers other public officials.
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Last week, it was dudes in charge of spaceships. This week:

Local(ish) Politicians

1. Mayor Martin Chavez

2. Gov. Bill Richardson

3. Rep. Martin Heinrich

Who do you do? Who do you date? Who do you dump? Be sure to explain why.
Do, Date or Dump Monday

Jocular. Sports a developed sense of style, what with the scarves and beard. (Or is it just that the media is so fixated on his fashion choices you’d think he was a “Project Runway” contestant?)

Do, Date or Dump Monday

Won an honorable mention in the Huffington Post’s poll on hot Congressional freshman last month. Speaks clearly. Bites his nails (I’m 75 percent sure about this).

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