Do You Get Naked In The Locker Room?

Marisa Demarco
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Do You Get Naked in the Locker Room?
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All the girls in the locker room at my high school maintained a heightened sense of prudishness. We changed in the ugly bathroom stalls, and avoided one another’s eyes in the mirror when combing our hair, etc. Every woman probably knows a few moves for removing a bra without removing the shirt she’s wearing, or how to change shirts without inappropriate skin meeting air.

this woman, I was raised in a household conservative about nudity. Everyone wore pajamas, and you certainly didn’t walk around the house in your underpants. Like her, I, too, was surprised by my first visits to the gym. The locker room housed women going about their business without a care for nakedness. But I got over it. She didn’t. Instead, she’s penned a horrified article for Marie Claire , lambasting fat girls especially for not covering up.

What do you think? Beach towels and modest bathroom-stall changing for all? Or, if you don’t want to see it, don’t look, jerk.
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